Vermeer acquires bore planning and design software

Vermeer BoreAid™ 4.0 bore planning and design tool offers HDD professionals an enhanced system that plans bores based on proven methods, industry standards and best practices


Vermeer has acquired all product assets for BoreAid, a unique planning and design software package for assisting engineering consultants, contractors and municipalities in planning, designing and completing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobs more efficiently.  The acquisition agreement includes a long-term alliance with the software creators to provide support of both the Vermeer BoreAid 4.0 software system, which will be released in November 2013, and the previous BoreAid 3.0 version. The partnership with Vermeer allows for collaboration on further development and enhancements of the Vermeer BoreAid product with its creators, Dr. Karl Lawrence and Dr. Ali Bayat of Terein Inc.

Vermeer BoreAid 4.0 calculates the bend radius of the bore to ensure the product pipe and drill rod bend is in-line with product specifications and analyzes the induced pipe stress to ensure the pipe remains fully intact during and after installation. This unique software also assesses drill fluid requirements by calculating the amount of drill fluid needed to complete a bore and how much cuttings disposal to anticipate — information that is very helpful in determining if the pump and equipment will be sufficient for the drill operation. The advanced, full 3-D bore-planning capabilities allow for pullback load calculations in situations with compound curves and horizontal bending, all based on industry standards, giving the user critical pipe stress information for a bore path with multiple tangent and curved sections.

“Project owners, engineers and contractors often struggle to accurately assess feasibilities of different approaches for completing a complex bore in diverse and challenging conditions,” said Reinhard Beschel, global product manager, Advanced Control Systems, at Vermeer. “The Vermeer BoreAid 4.0 software takes into account the many varying parameters of the soil, pipe, machine, etc., based on scientifically proven methods and industry standards, to generate an efficient bore plan.”

HDD professionals often use different tools to address individual aspects of a drilling project, resulting in miscommunication and misidentifying potential problems. The differing tools — often created to meet the in-house needs of individual companies — do not consider the full complexity (or scope) of the project, and are commonly prone to error since they are non-commercial and difficult to maintain.

“Planning and designing a sound and efficient approach to completing a bore is a time-consuming process that requires consideration of many variables,” Beschel said. “Vermeer BoreAid 4.0 is an effective tool that brings consistency to the process and helps both project planning and design time become more efficient and productive. The software prompts users to consider parameters and the implications of specific variables that may otherwise be overlooked or underestimated.”

The intuitive planning software guides the user through a thorough process using soil information, product type and properties, physical obstacles and other key elements to provide a comprehensive understanding of feasibility and identify issues that may arise during a drilling operation. The Vermeer BoreAid 4.0 HDD planning and design tool gives the user a precise and detailed plan to help avoid cross bores with existing utilities and identify locations where inadvertent returns or excessive pipe stresses may occur; it can also generate reports for the bore design and feed information into the bid documents, providing guidance towards compliance with most common and relevant industry standards.

The exchange of pertinent project information streamlines the bore planning and design process, resulting in an efficient plan, which can translate into potential cost savings for the project owner and contractor.

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